Who is -empyre-

Curatorial Moderator

Renate Ferro (US)


Tim Murray (US)

International Advisory Editorial Board

-empyre- soft-skinned space prides itself on featuring artistic, curatorial and critical perspectives on contemporary cross-disciplinary issues, practices, and events relating to networked culture and media. The former group of organizers known as the -empyre- moderating team was disbanded in December, 2017. In its place is an international advisory editorial board comprised of artists, theoreticians, writers, technologists, curators, and others whose professional work resides in the expanding field of new media and emerging practices whose members three year terms. Links to their professional work is found here.

Tarsh Bates (AU) since 2018
Margaret Rhee (US) since 2017
Shulea Cheang (Taiwan, US, France) since 2018
Junting Huang (China, US) since 2018
Dale Hudson (UAE, US) since 2018
Margaretha Anne Haughwout (US) since 2018
Daniel Lichtman (US) since 2018
Claudia Pederson (US) since 2018
Byron Rich (US) since 2017
MargaretRhee(US)since 2017

For more information, contact rferro at cornell dot edu