Monthly Discussion Topics

The content of these discussions are not to be reproduced without the permission of the -empyre- curator and the moderator, and all of the participants who participated and contributed to the content of the monthly topic discussion. For more information contact Renate Ferro.


March, 2019: Refiguring the Future
Moderators: Sarah Watson and Lola Martinez

April, 2019: Between the Body, Memory, Screen and Culture
Moderator: Renate Ferro

May, 2019: Open

September, 2019: Stay Unfinished, Yours Sincerely
Moderator: ShuLea Cheang


February, 2018: Digital INTERFACING: listservs, blogs, and beyond
Moderator, Renate Ferro

March, 2018: Noise: Disorientation, Contamination, and (Non)Communication
Moderator; Junting Huang

April, 2018: New Media Documentary Practice
Moderator: Dale Hudson

May, 2018: Open Discussion

June, 2018: Rehearsal of a Network
Moderator: Shulea Cheang

July, 2018: Bodies and Voices
Moderator: Dan Lichtman

September, 2018: Untitled
Moderator: Byron Rich

October, 2018: The Mess We are In
Moderator: Tarsh Bates

November, 2018: Duration: Passage, Persistence, Survival
Moderator; Tim Murray


February, 2017: Between Biology and Art
Moderator: Renate Ferro

March, 2017: The Global Trump Effect
Moderator: Alan Sondheim

April, 2017: More on the Global Trump Effect
Moderator: Alan Sondheim

May, 2017: Robot Poetics, Ephemera, and Other Concerns
Moderator: Margaret Rhee

June, 2017: Fake News in a Global Climate
Moderators: Renate Ferro and Tim Murray

October, 2017: Radical Aesthetics of Multispecies Worlding, EcoArt and Solidarity in a more than human Capitalocene
Moderator: Marguerite Haughwort

November, 2017: On Contamination
Moderator: Renate Ferro


January, 2016: Open

February, 2016 Across Borders and Networks
Mocerator: Anna Valdes

March, 2016: Food/Tech/Art
Moderator: Renate Ferro

April, 2016: Liquid Blackness
Moderator: Alessandra Raengo

May, 2016: Social Practice Social Reproduction
Moderator: Kyle McKinley

June, 2016: Bookshelf
Moderator: Renate Ferro

July, 2016: Feminist Data Visualization
Moderator: Christina McPhee

September, 2016: Post Internet Art: On Selfies and Feminism
Moderator: Simon Biggs

November, 2016: Overcoming Technique: Multi-Media, Dialectics, or Synthesis
Moderator: Murat Nemet-Nejat


February, 2015: New Year/ New Tools and Technologies
Moderator, Renate Ferro

March, 2015: “Engineering the University - Technology, Values, and Labor in Research Institutions”
Moderator, Kevin Hamilton

April, 2015: Digital Media and the Interstices of Identity
Moderator: Soraya Murray

May, 2015: Bordom: Labor, Use and Time
Moderator: Renate Ferro

June, 2015: Plant Art and New Media
Moderators: Patarick Keilty and Selmin Kara

July, 2015: Inter-subjectivity: New Media, Aesthetics, Networks, Updended Cartographies
Moderators: Ileana Selejan and Calin Man

September, 2015: Video: Behind and Beyond
Moderator: Tim Murray

October, 2015: Designing Compulsion
Moderator: Patrick Keilty

November, 2015: Transnational Environments and Locative Places
Moderator: Dale Hudson


January, 2014, “Convergence: Expanding Time-based Media”
Moderator, Patrick Lichty

February, 2014: HYBRID BOOKWORK: Experimental eBooks, Post-Digital Publishing
Moderator, Michael Dieter

March, 2014: The Playsthetics of Experimental Digital Games
Moderator, Sandra Danilovic

April, 2014: Critical Making in International Networks
Moderators: Renate Ferro and Timothy Murray

May 2014: In flux: New Media Theory in 2014
Moderator: Renate Ferro

June, 2014: New Sonic Paths: Sound Studies Expanded
Moderators: Renate Ferro and Timothy Murray

July, 2014: Virtual Embodiment: Some Thoughts on the Resonances of the Virtual in 2014
Moderators: Susan Kozel and Simon Biggs

September, 2014: Design That Matters
Guest Moderator: Adam Nocek

October, 2014: Digital Objects
Guest Moderators: Quinn Dupont, Anaïs Nony, and Ashley Scarlett

November, 2014: ISIS, Absolute Terror, Performance
Guest Moderators: Alan Sondheim and Johannes Birringer

December, 2014: Social Media / Social Justice
Moderators, Renate Ferro and Tim Murray

For a detailed transcript of monthly discussions between 2002 and the present please visit our archive hosted by the University of New South Wales. Link is here.


January, 2013, “Research in Practice”
Moderator, Simon Biggs

February 2013, “Art, Engineering, and Politics: In Memoriam, Beatriz da Costa”
Moderators, Renate Ferro and Tim Murray

March 2013, "Videogames and Art: Incite/Insight"
Moderators, Renate Ferro and Claudia Pederson

May 2013, “Collaboration: Art Practice, Theory, Activism”
Moderators, Renate Ferro, Ana Valdes, Tim Murray

June, 2013, “An Archival Event: Who is -empyre?”
Moderators, Renate Ferro, Simon Biggs, Timothy Murray, and Patrick Lichty

July, 2013, “Resistance Is Futile:ISEA, Sydney, 2013”
Moderator, Simon Biggs

September, 2013, “BioArt: Materials, Practices, Politics”
Guest Moderator, A.J. Nocek

October 2013 “Convergence: expanding time-base media”
Moderators, Renate Ferro and Tim Murray

November, 2013, “Documenting Digital Artivism*
Guest Moderators, Selmin Kara, Patrick Keilty, and Camilla Møhring Reestorff

December, 2013, "Call and Response"
Guest Moderator, Irina Contreras


January, 2012, “OSW: Open Source Writing in the Network”
Moderator, Simon Biggs

February, 2012, "in/compatible research (remake)"
Moderator, Gabriel Menotti

March, 2012, "Urban Resilience"
Guest Moderator, Anna Valdés

April, 2012, “Rethinking Curatorial Options, Globally”
Moderators, Renate Ferro and Tim Murray

May, 2012, “Designing Culture: The Technological Imagination at Work,”
Guest Moderator, Anne Balsamo

June, 2012, “Queer Media Art and Theory”
Guest Moderators, Zach Blas (US) and Micha Cárdenas

July, 2012, “Screens”
Moderator, Simon Biggs

September, 2012, “The New Aesthetic: Seeing Like Machines”
Moderator, Patrick Lichty

October, 2012, “Pain, Suffering, and Death in the Virtual”
Guest Moderators, Alan Sondheim and Sandy Baldwin

November, 2012, “Risk: From Culture to Practice”
Moderators, Renate Ferro and Tim Murray


January, 2011, Contesting the Netopticon”
Moderator, Simon Biggs

February, 2011, “New Media and the Middle East”
Moderators, Renate Ferro and Tim Murray

March, 2011, “How Does a Field Become Visible, When?
Guest Moderator, Christina McPhee

April, 2011, “Re-emergence of the Augment”
Moderator, Patrick Lichty

May, 2011, “Wearable Technologies: Cross-disciplinary Ventures”
Moderator, Renate Ferro

June, 2011, "Biennales Plus and Minus: Global Interfaces / Digital Environments / Contemporary Arts"
Moderator, Tim Murray

July, 2011, “Reclaiming Creativity as Agent of Change”
Moderator, Simon Biggs

September 2011, “Zones of Contact: -empyre-Istanbul”
Moderators, Renate Ferro and Tim Murray

October, 2011, "E/motion frequency deceleration"
Guest Moderator, Johannes Birringer

November, 2011, “Art Funding and Politics”
Guest Moderators, Helene Black and Yiannis Colakides

December, 2011, “Glitched, Cracked, and Dirty Media”
Moderator, Patrick Lichty


February, 2010, “Theorizing Animation: Content and Context”
Moderators, Renate Ferro and Tim Murray

March, 2010, “The Prototype Perspective”
Moderator, Gabriel Menotti

April, 2010, “Tactical Media, Research, and the University”
Moderator, Renate Ferro and Tim Murray

May 2010 “Process As Paradigm”
Guest Moderator, Lucas Evers

June 2010, “Publishing in Convergence”
Moderators, Michael Deiter, Morgan Currie, and John Haltiwanger

July 2010, “Creativity as a Social Ontology”
Moderator, Simon Biggs

September, 2010, "Archiving New Media Art: Ephemerality and/or Sustainability"
Moderators, Renate Ferro and Tim Murray

October, 2010, “Contextualizing Making Sense”
Moderators, Renate Ferro and Tim Murray

November, 2010, “Producing Exhibiting and Curating New Media Arts in China”
Guest Moderator, Melinda Rackham

December, 2010, “Gaming Subcultures”
Moderator, Gabriel Menotti

Archives from 2002 to 2010 can be accessed here